Stand out online and reach a broader audience effortlessly. Our professional photoshoots highlight your products, and our focused marketing efforts boost your visibility. We handle the advertising costs, manage smooth deliveries and returns, and ensure you're paid on time. Plus, our fees? Transparent and flexible.



With Boutique Ties, your boutique takes center stage in the digital realm. We're committed to amplifying your online presence, ensuring that you're not just another name, but a distinguished identity that resonates with a broader audience.



It's more than just a photo—it's about capturing the essence of your product. Our carefully orchestrated photoshoots showcase every facet of your products, making them look as captivating on screen as they do in person.



In today's bustling market, showcasing the unique collections of your boutique is vital. Our bespoke marketing campaigns are meticulously tailored to highlight the distinctiveness of your boutique's collections, ensuring they stand out and resonate with your target audience.



Social media is the modern marketplace, and select items from your collection deserve special attention. We handle the social media advertising for these pieces, making sure they're seen by the right audience, in the right places.



The intricacies of shipping and returns can be daunting. That's where we step in. We handle all the logistics of shipping and returns, ensuring a smooth process for your customers, allowing your boutique to focus on what it does best.



We believe in clarity, especially when it comes to finances. Our fee structure, devoid of any hidden surprises, is both clear and flexible. Whether you're a budding boutique or an established one, we adjust to ensure our partnership remains mutually beneficial.

Start your journey with Boutique Ties by submitting your initial email with the essential details located in our email template.

Once we receive your application, our dedicated team will thoroughly evalute the information provided. We aim to ensure that our collaboration aligns with both our values and your boutique's goals.

Upon a successful review, we'll discuss further about how we can finalize the process and address any queries or nuances while setting clear expectations.

Time to start!

We'll seamlessly immerse your boutique with our digital tapestry through professional photoshoots, tailored campaigns and exclusive promotional activities.

As our collaboration matures, we remain committed to ensuring your boutique's continued growth. Regular performance insights, coupled with an open feedback channel, allows us to adapt and optimize our strategies, ensuring your boutique remains a step ahead in the market.


are commitments long-term?

Our partnership terms are designed to be flexible, catering to the evolving needs of our boutique partners. Specifics can be discussed upon application.

Can I opt out of services i don't need?

Absolutely. Our program is built on flexibility, and we can tailor our offerings to best suit your boutique's needs.

How often is the program enhanced

We constantly strive for excellence and regularly review and enhance our offerings based on feedback, market trends, and technological advancements.

can international boutiques join

Our program caters to boutiques both locally and internationally. However, specific services might vary based on geographic location.

Can I choose which items get highlighted

Yes, we work closely with our boutique partners to select the best items for targeted social media advertising to ensure maximum impact.

How do you determine which products get featured?

While we have an analytics-based approach, your insights as the boutique owner are invaluable. We'll work together to decide which products get the spotlight.

How are payments processed and received?

Answer: Payments are processed securely through our integrated system. We prioritize prompt payments to our boutique partners, ensuring timely and consistent financial flow.

is there perofrmance reports?

We provide monthly performance reports. However, if you'd like more frequent updates, we can arrange that as well.

is there boutique referral incentives

Yes, we appreciate referrals and have an attractive incentive program in place. Details can be provided upon request.

What happens at the end of our contract?

Renewal is not automatic. We'll discuss and evaluate our collaboration towards the end of the contract to decide the best way forward

is there any requirements?


You must be authorized to sell products in your boutique.

You must have excellent customer satisfaction history.

You must have a physical presence.

Other requirements will be discussed during your application.


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