What is second life

Second Life is an elegant solution for those timeless pieces that have graced your collection but perhaps no longer see the light of day.

Your garments that were chosen with such care but have been shadowed by newer acquisitions, rather than throwing them to the back of your wardrobe, allow us to give them a Second Life



In the world of Second Life, your clothes are more than just fashion statements. They’re smart financial assets waiting to be rediscovered. By sending in those pieces you no longer wear, you're making a smart move by turning old favorites into new earnings. It's like having a savings account in your wardrobe, offering both style and added value.



When you choose Second Life, you're not just thinking about style, you're also thinking about our beautiful planet. In today's world, where being eco-friendly is crucial, your fashion choices can make a real difference. By giving your clothes a second life, you help reduce waste and promote a culture of reuse. It’s fashion that feels good and does good.



Second Life is here to help you declutter and refresh. Clearing out items that no longer fit your style means more space for new favorites. Think of it as spring cleaning for your wardrobe, anytime you like. You create a more organized closet while ensuring each piece finds a new home where it's loved.



With Second Life, fashion takes on a whole new meaning. Every item you let go can brighten someone else's day. It's like passing on a little piece of happiness. You get to share the love and style, and in the process, create a circle of positive vibes and shared stories.



Think of Second Life as your personal fashion guide. By refreshing your collection from time to time, you're always staying in tune with your evolving sense of style. It’s about letting go of the past and embracing the new, ensuring your wardrobe always feels fresh and exciting, just like the pages of a top fashion magazine.

Through a quick and easy process, submit initial pictures of your eligible item(s) you want to give a Second Life to.

Our team will do intensive market analysis to figure out the best price for you and our customers.

Upon initial verification and price agreement, we'll arrange a pickup for your item(s). Your item(s) will go through a rigorous quality check with multiple points ensuing they are up to SDH standards

Passed the Quality Check?

Great! Now our team will go through Authenticity checks with a minimum of 2 check points, ensuring our customers can shop worry-free.

We want you to be in control!

You can choose how long you want your product(s) online for. After your chosen period you can either request your item(s) back or simply renew the time at no cost!

3 Months - 6 Months - 12 Months

Your item(s) sold?

Congrats! Wether it was sold on the first day of your time slot or the last day, you'll get a prompt payment within 1 - 3 business days.

Enjoyed Second Life? Time to start again.



Who do i email to start?

Getting started is easy! Submit your request to with the subject "SECOND LIFE" and we'll guide you through the initial verification process. After completing the process you can sit down and relax because we'll take care of it from there.

Is the pick up free?

Yes! As long as your item(s) passes the quality and authenticity checks your pick up will be 100% free.

What if I want my item(s) back?

No Worries! Our terms our light weight and flexible. Pick whats convenient for you from 3-6-12 months and if at the end of your term you want your item back, we'll ship it out to you at no additional cost.

What if i want to renew my term?

Is your term over? Let us know you want to renew your Second Life request and we'll take care of it at no additional charge.

When do i get paid?

Wether its your first day on your term or the last day on your term, as soon as your item(s) gets a second life, so does your wallet. Payments will be swift and efficient ranging from 1-3 business days.



What condition will i receive my order in?

Items are categorized into 3 conditions.




what does "A" mean to us?

A+ = 0 signs of wear and was likely a display piece. Will come with the box, tags, and authenticity card when applicable.

A = Little to No signs of wear/scratching, likely a display piece but may be missing "extras"

A- = Little signs of wear such as small scuffs/scratches/ interior stains. Item was used but maintained with proper care.

how do i know my order is authentic?

We love you as much as we love our reputation. Items go through multiple authenticity checkpoints from experts in our team and will get outsourced for verification if needed. Authenticity will never have to be a question for you.

What if i want to reutrn my order?

Your order will be subject to the same free 14 day return policy as a regular domestic order. Item(s) must be in the same condition they were shipped out otherwise they will not be accepted.

when will i receive my order?

Your order will be subject to the same free shipping policy as a regular domestic order would be. In some cases same day/overnight shipping might be available at checkout for a fee.

can second life combine with on going sales/promotions?

Unfortunately, Second Life cannot be combined with any on going sales/ promotions. As we try to give you the best price possible from the start we hope you understand.





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