As I sit down to pen my journey, I am transported back to the moments that shaped my journey – a journey marked by challenges, dreams, and a determination to defy convention. From the corridors of a French school to the forefront of redefining fashion, my narrative is a tapestry woven with threads of passion, innovation, and a burning desire to merge worlds.


Born in Montreal, Quebec, and later moving to Winnipeg, Manitoba, it was the sprawling prairies of Winnipeg, Manitoba, that would play a pivotal role in shaping my perceptions and ambitions. These vast plains nurtured a sense of space and possibility, planting seeds of imagination that would eventually fuel my audacious vision.


Growing up in a world where conformity was championed, I found solace in the vibrant tapestry of my ancestry. Attending a French school, I was immersed in a fusion of languages and perspectives, nurturing a desire to merge my cultural roots with the global fashion scene. I envisioned a future that transcended boundaries, where streetwear and luxury fashion could coalesce seamlessly.


Emerging from the shadow of societal expectations – a world that equated success with predefined roles, my dream extended beyond fashion. For me it was about catalyzing a change, a transformation that could ripple across the fabric of the industry. I was no longer content with being a bystander, I aspired to be a leading pioneer, driving a seismic shift in how the world perceived fashion. It was my way of dismantling conventions and crafting a legacy of transformation.

From childhood, life was marked by hurdles and challenges that seemed insurmountable. In a world where success was prescribed as a doctor, engineer, or lawyer, I was an anomaly. As I matured, society's expectations morphed from degrees to materialism, compelling me to question my place. The journey, however, was a testament to my resolve and a testament that everyone's path is unique.

The culmination of 12 years of education was meant to be a grand finale, the realization of iconic movie scenes where caps soared and celebrations echoed. However, 2020 had other plans for me. The world was thrust into chaos as the pandemic unfurled its course, leaving the anticipated graduation moments shattered and incomplete. It was a poignant reminder that life's narrative is a blend of unpredictability and determination.


In a world that handed out career paths like scripts, I was determined to rewrite the narrative and demonstrate that there are paths beyond conventional routes. The vast expanse of the internet held the key to unconventional success, and I was ready to unearth it. My journey was a testament that success didn't solely hinge on traditional trajectories. There were self-made avenues awaiting discovery.

I embraced a plethora of roles, each unveiling a new layer of understanding. From customer service jobs to warehouse tasks and even two concurrent jobs while launching Singhs Designer Home, I uncovered the multifaceted essence of business. Starting one venture propelled my knowledge into overdrive, forcing me to master trade laws, taxes, marketing, team dynamics, and leadership – the very essence of entrepreneurship.


Venturing into entrepreneurship was like embarking on a voyage without a map. Whilst I had no mentors to turn to, I discovered that each challenge was a learning opportunity. Forming a business entity, sourcing suppliers, decoding marketing strategies, the world of entrepreneurship beckoned me to become a fervent problem-solver, turning every question into hours of diligent research.


Amidst the chaotic journey, a realization anchored me. My struggles were trivial in the face of those who faced far greater adversity. Immigrant parents uprooting their lives, war-ravaged nations rebuilding – their stories put my challenges in perspective. These stories fueled my gratitude and spurred my determination to create change.


Singhs Designer Home became my canvas for transformation. It wasn't just a store, but a sanctuary where everyone from students to influencers don luxurious ensembles and more. This venture was my canvas for crafting a global network of opportunities and a network that spanned continents.

The name bore significance beyond words. "Singh" was an homage to my ancestry, a name gifted to Sikhs from the ones before. "Designer" embodied the luxury we offered, and "Home" symbolized the connection and warmth I wished to extend to every customer.


I aspired to stand apart from the giants, not just as a brand, but as a voice and a face. I want to be someone who’s inspiring young minds to break norms and to be the embodiment of change they were supporting. Beyond a mere logo, they were investing in a world-altering mission.


My experiences as the sole Indian in my school molded me. They shattered the illusion of uniformity and unveiled the kaleidoscope of diversity within cultures. This realization compelled me to create a platform that celebrated humanity's vibrancy and diversity.


As I reflect on my journey, I'm reminded that life's course is unpredictable, shaped by our choices and the unexpected turns we take. From the unassuming halls of a French school to standing at the helm of transformative change, my journey has been one of evolution, courage, and relentless pursuit. Through it all, I've learned that limitations are self-imposed, and the world is a canvas awaiting the touch of daring dreamers.