Welcome to the heart of our community at SDH, where we believe that your engagement should be rewarded, and your voice truly matters. We've curated five unique ways for you to not just shop, but also earn and connect. Your journey with us is more than transactions; it's about building a mutually rewarding partnership.


Joining our Affiliate Program isn't just free—it's liberating. With a generous 30-day cookie window, you have time to make an impact. Our exceptional commissions are a testament to our commitment to you. Payments? Swift and flexible. And we don't just speak your language; we offer multi-language and currency support. Need assistance? Our support is unmatched. Reach out to us at with your name, blog, website, and social media, and your potential is our priority.


Your creativity deserves recognition. Earn $10 for every 1000 points you accumulate, and as you ascend the tiers, watch your earnings multiply with more points per dollar. Experience 2x point days based on your tier, a gesture of our appreciation for your dedication.


Subscribing to our newsletter opens doors to exclusive benefits. Not only will you be among the first to know about our latest sales and discounts, but you'll also have the chance to win incredible gifts, prizes, cash rewards, and even trips. Your loyalty is our compass, and our newsletter is your gateway to staying ahead.

Report A Glitch

Your eagle eyes and attention to detail can earn you more than just respect. If you spot any anomalies, typos, or glitches, let us know at Valid reports don't go unnoticed. In fact, they're rewarded with cash payouts or double that value in store credit. It's not just about shopping, It's about shaping our digital space together.

Submit Your Change

We believe in evolution driven by you. Send your suggestions for a new design or improvements to Your ideas matter. If your change is adopted, you'll not only see it come to life but also receive a cash reward or double the value in store credit. Your voice is our catalyst for change.

Upload Your Brand

Share your brand and vision at We invite the dreamers, creators, and believers to submit their essence. For those who challenge norms and resonate with our mission, an avenue awaits. Fashion is more than fabric—it's your story. We celebrate your journey, amplify your voice, and ignite your creativity.


At SDH, we're more than an online store. We're a community where engagement, innovation, and partnership flourish. Embrace the power to earn, the opportunity to connect, and the joy of shaping our journey together. Your influence matters, and we're here to celebrate every step of your path with us.