At Singhs Designer Home we're not just a brand. We're a community, a tapestry of individuals united by the desire to stand out and make each purchase a unique experience. It's like having a backstage pass to fashion, where exclusivity meets affordability.


The story doesn't end there. We believe in celebrating the extraordinary in every individual, and that's why we honour special status people who hold our society together – military personnel, medical professionals, students, and first responders. Your service to the world is matched by our service to you, offering you exclusive savings as a token of our appreciation.


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Your birthday deserves a touch of elegance. We invite you to activate your Designer Club birthday gift three weeks prior to your milestone day. Immerse yourself in the luxury of a tailored surprise, crafted exclusively for you. Whether it's a handpicked accessory, an avant-garde item, or an exclusive discount, we aim to make your birthday celebration an exquisite affair. This offer extends from three weeks before your birthday to one week after, ensuring your festivities last.


A sanctuary for those who understand that style is not just about wearing clothes. It's about owning a piece of art. As a Designer Club VIP , you're not just part of a club, you're part of an experience.

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Singhs Designer Home is the vibrant thread that refuses to conform. It's a tale of discovery, community, and saving without compromise. As we step into each day, each purchase, each interaction, we remember that our story is stitched together by the dreams of individuals who dare to be different, to save smartly, and to embrace the extraordinary. Welcome to the SDH narrative – Where You and Opulence Collide.